Our mission is to provide to our customers a place where they can meet all their shooting needs. We don't just sell guns. We offer various services that are designed to make you shooting expereince complete. At J&J One Stop Gun Shop you will find that we can help you to achieve the goal of having all of your shooting needs met.

Please take some time on our site to discover how J &J One Stop gun shop can save you time and money as well as provide you with quality products and services. Our team is dedicated to solving any problem related to firearms, your choice of products and also the repair of firearms. We are appreciative of your business and will prove to you time and time again that we are your ONE STOP gun shop!

Gunsmith Service

We are the only gun shop in the area that has a resident on-site gunsmith to meet all of your gunsmithing needs. Fred Wolf has his gunsmithing shop right here in our building and many times can accommodate small fixes on the spot, or if you need extensive work, he can turn out your repaired, or enhanced firearm in a timely fashion.

Pistol Instructor

J & J is proud to offer to our customers who are new to pistol shooting, or those who want to improve their skills, a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a Range Safety Officer.

You can take advantage of this service by making an appointment and use our on-site state of the art shooting range. No other gun shop in the area offers this service.

Shooter's Paradise Gun Range

In addition to offering the best selection in firearms and ammunition in the area, J &J One Stop Gun Shop has a state of the art shooting range facility right in the building. Our range is a new, immaculate range with safety built in because of the range design and the fact that we always have a Range Safety Officer on site at all times that the range is in use.

Please visit our forms page and learn about the rules and requirements of our Shooter's Paradise Gun Range.


The choices you make in firearms purchase are important ones. It is necessary to take so many factors into consideration that the entire process can be daunting.

Our store consultant, Doug Vergara offers expert guidance to insure that you make the right decision wether you are purchasing a firearm, seeking shooting instruction, or looking for a shooting related product. You can be sure that he will guide you to the best personal choice! He spends his time at J&J One Stop Gun Shop, sharing his endless knowledge of guns and business to anyone who is willing to listen.