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Welcome to Shooter's Paradise! This facility is a state of the art indoor shooting range... The best in the Port Charlotte area!

Shooter’s Paradise offers a “female friendly”, well lit, air quality….safe environment with bullet resistant steel partitions between 9 lanes.  This enables the practicing shooters to retrieve their targets without going down range.  All lanes are ADA accessible.  Safety glasses and hearing protection are provided for the novice.  At Shooter’s Paradise safety courses are available…given by both female and male supervisors proficient in all areas including educating the novice on why certain firearms are not good for self-defense …teaching that most times simpler is better. 

The facility is state of the art with 5 air exchanges per minute and vacuum powered dust removal for safety. The bullet trap, purchased at around $300,000.00 is used to safely reduce speed of the bullets and remove any risk of ricochet that has plagued other poorer designed or maintained facilities. 

There is zero emission range..less than 3 seconds.  After shots are fired the air is 100 percent clean.  All of the stations are bullet resistant.

We have on site a safety officer that ensures all safety and courtesy regulations are adhered to a all times. This means that you can expect a safe, clean and modern shooting facility.

We have an on-site NRA certified pistol instructor who is available by appointment.

If you click on the image link above, you will be able to download the paperwork in PDF form that enables you to take full advantage of this facility. You can then print out the forms and bring them already filled out to our range.

We invite you to come in and discover our safe, affordable and very enjoyable shooting experience!