About Us

J &J One Stop Gun shop has a mission. As our "One Stop" name states, our gun shop strives to serve all of your shooting needs at our location. We offer quality firearms to buy or even trade, as well as an on site gunsmith.

We offer a state of the art safe, clean, and excellent on site shooting range open to the public.

Our friendly and courteous staff is here to serve you. You will find that we offer the best counseling and advice in the area so that you can be confident in making the right purchase.

In addition to firearms, we offer a variety of products that every shooter needs from gun safes, to concealed carry holsters and purses, to ear and eye protection. If it's related to the shooting sports, you'll find it here!

Take some time to browse our site and learn that your best stop for your shooting needs in this area is J &J One Stop Gun Shop!

Our Staff

Joel Sheran - Owner

Joel grew up in the Charlotte County area and has been a business owner for twenty years. He has a along time passion for guns, which led him to opening J&J One Stop Gun Shop in both Port Charlotte and Venice. In July of 2014 he added Shooters' Paradise of Florida, a state of the art indoor shooting range, to the Port Charlotte location. Joel is the proud father of one teenage daughter and is currently engaged to a wonderful woman that he has known since high school. In his free time Joel enjoys fishing, hunting, and shooting guns.


Dr. Spadafora…a partner in Shooter’s Paradise, comes from a military family.  His Father was in the Army before becoming a General Practitioner.  His Mother, outranked his Father as a lieutenant in the Army and was Head Nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital.  He had 4 uncles in the army, 1 uncle was a Naval Commander.  His brother served in the Military Police and went on to be a Seabee.  Dr. Spadafora expressed interest in the shooting sports in the 6th grade.  His parents insisted on training and responsible education thus enrolling him as a member of the NRA and encouraging him to attend meets.  He became responsible and proficient by the age of 12.   Dr. Spadafora later applied to the Naval Academy and was offered an appointment to West Point.  He deferred that appointment in favor of the Medical Arts since the Army could not guarantee him a medical opportunity upon joining.    

Dr. Spadafora stated “Prior to Hurricane Charlie I knew the police and fire department were minutes away by a phone call from my cell phone.  But 4 hours after the darkness struck there was no electricity, no phones, no propane for the generator from the underground pipes, no cell towers and no passable roads due to power lines and debris.  Entire homes had been swept away.  There was a vandal at my next door neighbor’s home but my .357 with laser aimed in their direction repelled the intruder without the need for a single shot.  My brother in law a police officer from Washington DC flew down to protect our street.” Dr. Spadafora continued, “at that moment I became an enthusiast, a believer in self-reliance, when the need arose…..my family’s safety was in my family’s hands.” 

Jenny Malone - Sales Associate - Pistol Instructor

Jenny grew up in the Charlotte County area and is a former classmate of Joel Sheran. She joined the J&J team in March 2014, just prior to the opening of the indoor shooting range. Jenny is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a Range Safety Officer. She is the mother of one teenage daughter. In her free time, she enjoys shooting, the beach, and being around animals.